Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Smart Sign- Retail’s Call of Hour

The best of technology giants has come up together with their latest avatar for retail industry i.e. ‘Smart sign’. As with immense competition in retail industry, customization has become the key for success. ‘Smart Sign’ is comprised of Intel’s superior chip technology and unmatched software quality of Microsoft. Smart Sign has been developed in order to understand the fast changing needs of retail customer and to provide customers customised products and offerings based on their demographics (age, gender) observed. It makes use of LCD display, cameras and specialised software at the shelf space itself. The Smart Sign technology would help the companies to use new digital sign technology. It creates the profile of the customers just by observing the age, gender of the customer without asking a single question to you if the customer is registered or not and if in case a customer touches a certain product then they will receive the discount coupons for buying that products and the location of that product in the shop on their cell phone immediately. Such technology will provide a provide a real advertising medium for the retailer which will unable the to understand the changing needs of the customers , focussed approach , customer convince , One to one marketing and judicious use of advertising budget. It provides easy way to customise the offerings according to individual needs. It saves cost of advertising by targeting the right audience hence thereby decreasing the expense over advertisement shifting mass media advertisement to one to one advertisement. Further, it enhances the basket size of customer by providing the offers and schemes.However, it will affect the customer privacy and accuracy of the software is challengeable.

Contributed by:
Prof. Sapna Parashar

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Emerson kelly said...

Nice info on Smart Sign technology... good collection..It will be advantageous for the retailers if they introduce this technology but ensure that it should not affect the customer privacy!!